Thursday, August 1, 2013

D90 vs D7000

Nikon D90 vs D7000

Since the release of Nikon D7000, there are numerous people asking whether they should buy it or stick with Nikon D90 that is considerably much cheaper than the D7000. To shed some light on this matter, check the comparison of D7000 vs D90 below and find out the areas in which the two dslr cameras excel the most and decide for yourself whether you should stay with the old or in with the new.

D90 vs D7000: Notable Differences

To sum it up between D7000 vs D90, D7000 appears to be superior in features and performance especially with its new-gen Expeed II processor, but D90 seems to be perfect for people who want budget friendly dslr camera.

There you have it, we have layout the difference of D90 vs D7000. It is up to you now on which dslr camera you want to lay your fingers on.

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